Larry Ribstein: In Memoriam (1946-2011)

On December 24, 2011, our dear colleague, Larry Ribstein, passed away.  The intellectual life of everyone who knew him, of this blog, and of the legal academy at large is deeply diminished for his passing.

For many, Larry was an important influence, not only intellectually but personally, as well.  Larry was the godfather of this blog, which got its start when a few of us, including Bill Sjostrom, Geoffrey Manne, Josh Wright, Thom Lambert, Henry Manne, Keith Sharfman, Kate Litvak and an anonymous colleague pinch hit for Larry at Ideoblog in November 2005.  It took eight of us to fill his shoes, and still his traffic went down.  He was a friend, mentor and intellectual touchstone to so many of us who now mourn him and, of course, a husband, father and son to those who will miss him most of all.

The outpouring in the blogosphere from Larry’s friends, admirers, colleagues, and the like is moving, and serves as a testament to his tremendous influence.

Likely everyone who knew him well shares Todd Henderson’s sentiment, as we do:

I will miss him beyond words. I will consider it a life well lived if when I die there is at least one person left behind who feels as I do about Larry.

Remembrances from Truth on the Market bloggers:

Remembrances from others: