Larry Ribstein, RIP

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Joshua D. Wright, Larry Ribstein, RIP, Truth on the Market (December 24, 2011),

This article is a part of the Larry Ribstein: In Memoriam (1946-2011) symposium.

Our great friend and colleague Larry Ribstein passed away this morning.  Larry will be greatly missed.  As Geoff mentioned, Larry was not only the godfather of Truth on the Market, but he was also an important intellectual and personal influence for many of us — and certainly for me.  I called upon Larry for career advice many times.  Not only was he always willing and able to provide some wisdom when I thought I needed it most, but Larry was always more than happy to provide it unsolicited when he did.  Larry was — as those who crossed his path in legal academia know — a force to be reckoned with.  He pursued his research interests — from corporate law and jurisdictional competition to the reform of legal education — with a passion not rivaled by many in the academy.  The legal academy will be worse off for losing Larry’s voice as a scholar.  Larry will be greatly missed here at Truth on the Market, and as a friend.