Goodbye my friend

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Todd Henderson, Goodbye my friend, Truth on the Market (December 24, 2011),

This article is a part of the Larry Ribstein: In Memoriam (1946-2011) symposium.

It is impossible to put into words the loss I feel today. Larry was a beloved mentor and friend, he was the first person I turned to shoot down my random musings, and he always surprised me with the facility of his mind and the passion he had for ideas. Larry was an iconoclast, and that is what I admired the most about him. There were no sacred cows for him, and he was absolutely dogged in his pursuit of truth about the world. He was also kind of spirit, generous with his time, and understanding of others. I will miss our battles, our chats, and our time together. I will miss him beyond words. I will consider it a life well lived if when I die there is at least one person left behind who feels as I do about Larry.