Business as Usual

In the United States and beyond, antitrust and competition authorities have been pursuing more stringent enforcement and reevaluating long-held frameworks in response to growing concerns about corporate concentration and market conduct. Amid this landscape, business leaders must navigate a new regulatory terrain while continuing to operate within markets by pursuing investments, partnerships, and growth. Their real-world insights and experiences at the intersection of law, policy, and business offer valuable lessons for the antitrust community.

This Truth on the Market  interview series seeks to broaden the antitrust discourse by bringing the perspectives of leaders from the worlds of business, finance, and investment to the table. These periodic dispatches from the field help us to understand how market actors are navigating competition rules and enforcement risks on the ground. Our guests share candid views on how antitrust influences their strategic decisions, from M&A to venture investments to competitive positioning. By tapping their practical wisdom, we aim to enhance policy debates with a dose of business realism. We invite you to join us in exploring the real-world impacts, challenges, and opportunities that antitrust presents for those on the front lines of the modern economy.

Chris DeMuth Jr: Perspectives on Antitrust from Financial Markets and Venture Capital

How much do you take potential antitrust concerns into account when evaluating investments or mergers and acquisitions? Has this changed over time? Antitrust is a big part of M&A and the...