Usha Rodrigues on Larry Ribstein

Geoffrey Manne —  5 January 2012

Usha Rodrigues has a characteristically delightful and poignant remembrance of Larry up over at Conglomerate:

Finally, the section is done.  And it’s stronger and richer than it was just 24 hours ago.  I send my last email at 4:07.  It reads: “You’re hilarious.  And a treasure. Thanks again, U”

On a Saturday afternoon.  For a junior colleague.  At another institution.  Even as it was happening, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.  Larry was smart, he was blunt, he was quick, he was generous.  Each quality is rare taken individually; together, they are unheard of.

And this exchange with Larry is typical — and priceless:

After all the hype and Oscar drama, I finally saw Avatar when it came out on DVD.  I was not impressed.  This manipulative simplistic story almost won Best Picture?  Really? I emailed Larry to ask what he thought.  His reply was terse: “I wouldn’t see Avatar unless strapped to a seat and threatened with torture.”

As she concludes, summarizing well what we all feel:

God, I’ll miss you, Larry.  We all will.

Geoffrey Manne


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