Larry Ribstein, an unforgotten mentor in my lifetime

totmauthor —  5 January 2012

[Robert Chang-hsien Tsai (Assistant Professor, Institute of Law for Science and Technology, National Tsing Hua University) Taiwan asked us to post this remembrance, and we are glad to do so]

I’ve been deeply saddened since I heard of the heartbreaking news about Larry. I had the privilege to be advised by Larry along my intellectual journey when studying in the US. Larry has set an example of what it means to be a passionate researcher and an enthusiastic educator, which will always remind me of how to be a professor in my lifetime.

My admiration for Larry can be traced back to when I was writing my master thesis at National Taiwan University in 2003. Reading his works, I was amazed by his thorough and original reasoning and hoped I could meet and learn from him someday. Years later, when I was applying for an LLM program in the US, NYU became my first choice because Larry would be visiting there at the same time. Luckily, I could keep learning from him in person during the JSD program at UIUC. Within the whole three-year mentoring process and even until recently, Larry generously spent his time providing constructive and timely feedback whenever I needed. On countless occasions, his broad knowledge and astute observations on law and the global market provided me with the kinds of insight that I needed to find a fruitful direction. His encouragement and confidence in me sustained me through difficult times and I will definitely draw on them as I meet the challenges to come.

No doubt Larry’s scholarship will keep influencing me in my lifetime. As his JSD advisee in the Chinese world, I’ll try my best to make his scholarship remembered.

My deepest thoughts are with Ann, Sarah and Susanna for remembering Larry, my unforgotten mentor.

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