Memorial Reception for Larry Ribstein

Geoffrey Manne —  26 December 2011

There will be a memorial reception for Larry on Wednesday, January 4, at 4:00 PM at George Mason University School of Law, 3301 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22201.

If you plan to attend, please first email Henry Butler at hnbutler-at-gmu-dot-edu.

Geoffrey Manne


President & Founder, International Center for Law & Economics

4 responses to Memorial Reception for Larry Ribstein


    Larry’s passing is a sad and grave loss. I liked his independence of mind. The first time I met him was when we were picked up by a law review editor at an airport, prior to a conference. In typical George Mason (and perhaps Chicago) fashion, Larry the opened his remarks by linking his paper on LLCs to the motivations and actions of that student driver. The fellow was quite stunned but it was interesting and so wonderfully intellectual. His passion for ideas and observations will live on.


    Larry will continue to teach us. His prolific and diverse writings – sometimes musings and sometimes diatribes – will continue to be vital and fresh.

    We will discover and re-discover his imagination on topics as wide-ranging as the incompleteness of corporate hierarchies, the reconceptualization of law school, the cinematic place of “the corporation,” the vitality of true partnership, and the means to social responsibility in business.

    Seeking to invoke the powerful hand guiding Adam Smith’s markets, I introduced Larry at a conference on non-corporate forms as “the invisible mind behind the LLC movement in this country.” Everyone laughed, including a muttering Larry. Of all the things he was, Larry was never invisible.

    We owe it to ourselves and especially to our students that Larry stay with us.

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