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My Favorite Corporate Law Blogs

Here’s what I spend my time reading every morning in the blogosphere.  Readers, have I forgotten any? Professor Bainbridge.  Our good blog neighbor comments on the latest developments in corporate law and securities regulation.  Posts range from practical advice on the evolution of corporate law to snippets of Professor B’s latest academic work.  Insightful political ... My Favorite Corporate Law Blogs

Joe Grundfest wins Pileggi Award

Congratulations to Professor Joe Grundfest of Stanford Law School for being selected to present this year’s 26th Annual F.G. Pileggi Distinguished Lecture in Law.  It is a great event and I highly recommend attending.  If by chance you can’t make it, be sure to read the resulting article in the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law, ... Joe Grundfest wins Pileggi Award

Top Ten Books in Corporate Governance

(Law Review Editors take note, my recent submission mentioned in the following post, titled: “Defending Against Shareholder Proxy Access: Delaware’s Future Reviewing Company Defenses in the Era of Dodd-Frank” is still in the process of negotiating for a permanent Law Review home, although the expedite process is getting very hot.) After two years of steadily ... Top Ten Books in Corporate Governance

Terrorism Finance Meets Business Associations

Now that TOTM blog traffic is hitting all-time highs, I thought it would be a good time to share a link to my most recently published paper, Terrorism Finance, Business Associations, and the “Incorporation Transparency Act.” It is highly critical of Senator Levin’s “Incorporation Transparency and Law Enforcement Assistance Act,” over which Senator Levin, Senator Lieberman, ... Terrorism Finance Meets Business Associations

A Federal Reserve Worth Its Weight in…; or, A Gold Standard for the Modern Era

The Federal Reserve has been working with other international banking regulators in the Basel III process to alter bank capital reserves so that they are no longer pro-cyclical and based on unrealistic assumptions about economic growth during bull markets.  The Fed now urges that banks need to hold reserves on a counter-cyclical basis.  When times ... A Federal Reserve Worth Its Weight in…; or, A Gold Standard for the Modern Era

Proxy Access At Long Last, & Introducing PA Defense # 5: Whitemail

Reports indicate that the SEC is going to vote on proxy access August 25.  The vote will be 3-2 in favor of proxy access.  The SEC first considered a proxy access rule in 2003 but never voted on it.  Prof. Harvey Goldschmid, now at Columbia Law and then a Commissioner at the SEC, was the central ... Proxy Access At Long Last, & Introducing PA Defense # 5: Whitemail

Proxy Access Defense #2

I’ve been working over the summer writing my August submission.  Law Review Editors take note, you will be receiving my submission of “Delaware’s Future: Reviewing Company Defenses to Shareholder Proxy Access” within the next few weeks.  My last post began a discussion about some of the defenses I have been designing for Boards to defend ... Proxy Access Defense #2

Google Search Trends

I’ve been having some fun with Google Trends lately, which offers unique analysis of search trends.  For example, below is an excerpt from a search on the phrase “law and economics” that shows the top ten cities from which the phrase  has been a search term, along with a graph of volume: 1. Berkeley, CA, ... Google Search Trends

Proxy Access Defense #1

I’ve been spending my summer trying to get ahead of the ball on proxy access and consider the types of defenses Boards might employ against insurgents making use of the federal proxy access provision in the Dodd Bill.  An article will hopefully be shipped to editors by mid-August.  I first started thinking about the various ... Proxy Access Defense #1

Delaware's Future

I share Prof. Ribstein’s concerns about the federalization of corporate governance contained in the Dodd bill.  Though Senator Carper wasn’t able, in the end, to get the proxy access provisions out of the Dodd Bill, which I think were the most troubling, we did eliminate another of Senator Schumer’s ideas. (The corporate governance provisions of ... Delaware's Future

Welcome Larry Ribstein

I would like to welcome our new colleague, with two brief anecdotes if readers will permit. Four years ago I was a student in a corporate research seminar.  That seminar was taught by my mentor, someone with whom Larry has had vibrant scholarly debate.  The class was listening to a guest lecturer, a law professor ... Welcome Larry Ribstein

Financial Regulation Career Advice

The worst vice is advice, but then again I have so many vices why stop here.  I recently put together an email for my securities regulation students to share what little I know that might be useful to their careers, and thought I would offer it to the TOTM community.  This advice is intended both ... Financial Regulation Career Advice