Symposium on Antitrust’s Uncertain Future: Visions of Competition in the New Regulatory Landscape

It increasingly appears that the push to pass Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s American Innovation and Choice Online Act (AICOA) will go down to the wire, with a vote potentially taking place sometime before Congress leaves for its August recess.

Given the uncertainty surrounding this massive legislative project, this Truth on the Market symposium examines the possible future(s) of digital competition in ways somewhat different from those we usually publish.

Contributors were asked to write short pieces about what they think the world might look like—for better and/or worse—under regulations such as AICOA and the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (as well as other regulations that might prohibit self-preferencing or mandate interoperability), or the implications of a future world where such regulations are absent, and where antitrust laws have been relaxed.

Some of the pieces are traditional, scholarly blog posts; others have chosen different literary genres to explore this imagined future, such as short stories, parables, sci-fi inspired pieces—even poems or song lyrics.

The symposium pieces will be posted over the course of the next few days.

Confirmed Participants

As in the past (see examples of previous TOTM blog symposia here), we’ve lined up an outstanding and diverse group of scholars to discuss these issues, including:

Series Posts (in order of posting)