My Favorite Corporate Law Blogs

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Here’s what I spend my time reading every morning in the blogosphere.  Readers, have I forgotten any?

Professor Bainbridge.  Our good blog neighbor comments on the latest developments in corporate law and securities regulation.  Posts range from practical advice on the evolution of corporate law to snippets of Professor B’s latest academic work.  Insightful political commentary is a secondary theme of the blog.   And on occasion, you’ll get a splash of gourmet guidance and wine suggestions.

Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation.  Francis Pileggi provides the leading source for up-to-the-minute updates about the latest developments in Delaware corporate and contract law through case summaries that are always hot off the presses.

The Conglomerate.  An eclectic mix of commentary about business law and society.

Jim Hamilton’s World of Securities Regulation.  Extensive commentary on breaking developments in securities regulation and financial law.  The posts are long and detailed, but very much worth you time to read in full.

The D&O Diary: Director’s and Officers Insurance.  Kevin LaCroix keeps his readers informed about developments in major federal securities class actions, trends in those cases, and developments in the D&O insurance field.

The Deal Professor.  Insightful commentary about the latest happenings in the M&A world.  Always good to keep an eye on what the other side is up to.  Jim McRitchie blogs about the latest developments in shareholder activism.

The Harvard Law School Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation Forum.  A Forum of guest posts by some of the leading academics and practioners in the field of corporate governance.  The type of posts span from abstracts of new academic papers by leading law or finance scholars to summaries of new white papers by law firms.

Truth on The Market.  Of course!

The Corporate Counsel.  Broc Romanek and Dave Lynn provide inside information about developments in securities law and happenings at the SEC.

The Race to the Bottom.  Jay Brown’s platform for critiquing the Delaware approach to corporate law is not one I tend to agree with, but I have to admit that his analysis is careful and insightful.

Securities Law Prof Blog.  Barbara Black provides summaries of new papers in the field, new cases, and developments at the SEC.