Joe Grundfest wins Pileggi Award

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J.W. Verret, Joe Grundfest wins Pileggi Award, Truth on the Market (August 19, 2010),

Congratulations to Professor Joe Grundfest of Stanford Law School for being selected to present this year’s 26th Annual F.G. Pileggi Distinguished Lecture in Law.  It is a great event and I highly recommend attending.  If by chance you can’t make it, be sure to read the resulting article in the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law, which is a part of the award and has contributed to the high reputation of the Del. J. Corp. L. over the years.

The Pileggi Lecture is sort of the the Corporate Law Academy’s version of the Screen Actor’s Guild Lifetime Achievement Award.  The award was named in honor of Francis G. Pileggi, father of Francis G.X. Pileggi.  The award began in 1985, a watershed year for the Delaware courts, when our blog neighbor Francis G.X. Pileggi was Managing Editor of the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law and wanted to develop a way for top scholars across the country to engage in a regular dialogue with the Delaware bench and bar.  Some of the most notable scholars in the field have given the lecture over the last 26 years, including Stephen Bainbridge, Larry Ribstein, Ed Rock, Mark Roe, Hillary Sale, Robert Thompson, Melvin Eisenberg, Lynn Stout, Charles Elson, Ron Gilson, Joel Seligman, Don Langevoort, Jack Coffee, Harvey Pitt, Louis Loss, and Ralph Winter among others.

Congrats Professor Grundfest and to Francis and the students and staff at the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law for this fantastic event.

Incidentally, here’s an interesting question…people seem to like handicapping the Oscars and the elections, so I’ll ask our readers to take a look at the list of prior recipients.  Who do you think the smart money is on for next year?  As an untenured guy it is probably smart if I don’t make guesses, but you should feel free to in the comments, by email or on your blogs and I will report what our readers say.