Google Search Trends

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J.W. Verret, Google Search Trends, Truth on the Market (June 26, 2010),

I’ve been having some fun with Google Trends lately, which offers unique analysis of search trends.  For example, below is an excerpt from a search on the phrase “law and economics” that shows the top ten cities from which the phrase  has been a search term, along with a graph of volume:

1. Berkeley, CA, USA
2. Stanford, CA, USA
3. New Haven, CT, USA
4. Fairfax, VA, USA
5. Cambridge, MA, USA
6. Ann Arbor, MI, USA
7. Washington, DC, USA
8. Pittsburgh, PA, USA
9. Philadelphia, PA, USA
10. Boston, MA, USA

It also shows 8 big spikes in news volume over the last six years.  Here’s a challenge: how many of our readers can explain the reasons for all 8?