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CPI Interview and Update on Ginsburg & Wrights’ “Antitrust Sanctions”

Competition Policy International has published an interview with Judge Douglas Ginsburg and me following up on our 2010 article “Antitrust Sanctions.”  The interview ranges from topics such as whether the Occupy movements impact our proposal for use of debarment as an antitrust sanction in the United States to fairness concerns and global trends in antitrust ... CPI Interview and Update on Ginsburg & Wrights’ “Antitrust Sanctions”

Finally, some real help for California!

Oregonians, my fellow residents of the Beaver State (and, by the way, the only state in the Union with a different image on each side of its flag), voted yesterday to increase top marginal income tax rates and corporate tax rates, including minimum corporate tax rates and the addition of a tax on gross receipts.  ... Finally, some real help for California!

Economist Kevin Murphy to Charles River Associates

I am very pleased to report that Kevin Murphy – economist extraordinaire, recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship, Bates Clark Medal winner, and of course, fellow UCLA Bruin — has agreed to join Charles River Associates as a Senior Consultant beginning May 2013 when his contract with Navigant Economics expires.  As a fellow Senior Consultant at ... Economist Kevin Murphy to Charles River Associates

The Party of No

In the comments to my last post on Mr. Obama’s health proposals (which have gotten worse — price controls!?), “Chris” and I have been having a back-and-forth about what he characterizes as a uniquely Republican disease — obstructionism. He calls Republicans “the Party of No.” I’m not a political scientist, but this seems like a ... The Party of No

Government ownership of land

I love our national parks as much as the next guy (probably more, having visited every major one and dozens of smaller ones, and loving every minute of nearly every visit), but can someone tell me why the federal government owns so much of our country? Some maps tell the story. See here and here. ... Government ownership of land

Justice Roberts Disses Economists

I’ve got nothing to add on the substantive merits of today’s big decision – but the following line got my attention: To an economist, perhaps, there is no difference between activity and inactivity; both have measurable economic effects on commerce. But the distinction between doing something and doing nothing would not have been lost on the ... Justice Roberts Disses Economists

Competition in Agriculture (cross-posted)

Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog is hosting a symposium on Competition in Agriculture. So far today, there are posts by Ron Cass (BU Law), Jeff Harrison (U of Florida Law), and me.  Additional posts should be forthcoming from Christina Bohannan (U. Iowa Law), Scott Kieff (GW Law), Andrew Novakovic (Cornell Applied Economics), George Priest (Yale ... Competition in Agriculture (cross-posted)

Off to the Mason LEC Economic Institute for Law Professors

Off to Estes Park for the return of the Mason Law and Economics Center Economic Institute for Law Professors (agenda here) and Law Institute for Economic Professors (agenda here).  I will be team-teaching microeconomics in the Economics Institute with friend and co-author Mike Baye (Indiana) for the first few days — and then some vacation. ... Off to the Mason LEC Economic Institute for Law Professors

More Destructive Nannyism in Chicago

I’ve tiraded several times about the city of Chicago’s unbridled paternalism. From smoking bans, to proposed restrictions on trans-fats, to censorship of theatrical depictions of smoking, to the confiscation of locally produced meat products, the powers-that-be seem determined to treat residents of the City of Broad Shoulders as though they’re a bunch of helpless infants ... More Destructive Nannyism in Chicago

Brad DeLong is an ethics-free partisan ass

Steve Horwitz writes a short, lay piece on crowding out and job creation. Brad “smacks down” Steve Horowitz. Russ Roberts amplifies Horwitz with a nice point about the dangers of aggregation. David Henderson notes that Brad misses what Horwitz is really saying. Brad DeLong “smacks down” Steve Horwitz again, not acknowledging any of the criticisms.  ... Brad DeLong is an ethics-free partisan ass

Ticketmaster-Live Nation Settles

Here are the details on the conditions imposed: Under the conditions set forth by the Justice Department, the merged company would need to sell off a unit that sells tickets to college sporting events, and would need to license its ticketing software to rival concert promoter AEG Live, so that company can launch a competing ... Ticketmaster-Live Nation Settles

Zywicki on Interchange Fee Legislation

My colleague (and TOTM Credit Card Symposium participant — posts here and here) Todd Zywicki has an excellent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today on Congressional legislation aimed at regulating interchange fees.  Here’s an excerpt detailing the predictable economic consequences of the legislation: What would happen if the Merchants Payments Coalition gets its way ... Zywicki on Interchange Fee Legislation