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Harold Demsetz: From Economic Man to Economic System

Just when I thought I had read it all, and re-read most of it a few times, Harold Demsetz releases a new book, From Economic Man to Economic System (Cambridge University Press, table of contents available here).  My colleague Lloyd Cohen has a very nice blurb that captures the spirit of Harold’s work: This lovely ... Harold Demsetz: From Economic Man to Economic System

AALS Agency, Partnerships and LLCs Section Call for Papers

Larry Ribstein is organizing the upcoming AALS session of agency, partnerships and LLCs and has posted the following call for papers: The Section on Agency, Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies is calling for papers for the 2009 AALS Annual Meeting in San Diego. We are interested in presentations on the application of modern theories and ... AALS Agency, Partnerships and LLCs Section Call for Papers

Antitrust Links

Luke Froeb (and the WSJ) on learning about potentially anticompetitive mergers from false negatives The Onion does antitrust (its a bit old, but still quite funny) Rumors of Microsoft investigation in China pickup again … Antitrust Review links to the petition for rehearing en banc and motion to disqualify the Commission as the administrative law ... Antitrust Links

Welcome D.C. Circuit Law Clerks to our Whole Foods Coverage

Our friends at Antitrust Review point to the Petition for Rehearing En Banc in Whole Foods. As readers of the blog will know, Geoff and Thom have been exhaustively covering the Whole Foods litigation. Now, their latest efforts have been cited by the parties in the Petition (see n. 1) as leading examples of the ... Welcome D.C. Circuit Law Clerks to our Whole Foods Coverage

Gordon Tullock Retires From George Mason

News like this, is in no small part due to men scholars like Gordon Tullock whose presence at the law school was a significant one.  Gordon announced his retirement today (HT: Boettke).  In the coming days, there will likely be a number of statements of admiration of Gordon and his work from people who knew ... Gordon Tullock Retires From George Mason

Searle Center Events this Fall

Northwestern University’s Searle Center on Law, Regulation and Economic Growth is one of the most intellectually interesting and active centers for law and economics around.  Here’s a lineup of research roundtables and conferences scheduled for this fall.  I’ll be lucky enough to be a Visiting Fellow at the Searle Center for a week this September, ... Searle Center Events this Fall

Antitrust Fallacies of Fact and Theory

Steve Hurwitz as a characteristically thoughtful and provocative post over at Austrian Economists on identifying the most dangerous fallacies of fact and theory in economics that a reasonably informed layperson would believe. Steve’s nominations are that the average person believes that the “economic well-being of the average American is on the decline” (fallacy of fact) ... Antitrust Fallacies of Fact and Theory

FTC at 100 Online Forum

We’ve mentioned the FTC at 100 self-assessment project before. The FTC at 100 home page is available here and has links to webcasts and other relevant material. The webcast of the July Washington DC event is already up. The next scheduled events are in Chicago at Northwestern University in September and Boston in October. Another ... FTC at 100 Online Forum

Some Links

Some blog posts I’ve been reading: Professor Bainbridge makes a lot of sense on the case against the Socratic Method in law teaching (so does Gordon Smith). By the way (and the Professor probably does not remember this), but he also gave me very good advice when I went on the job market in 2004. ... Some Links

Obama v. McCain Debate Antitrust?

Well, not exactly. But the under card sponsored by the DC Bar is still pretty impressive: James Rill (Howrey, representing McCain) v. Bill Kolasky (Wilmer Hale, representing Obama) September 24 at GW Law School. HT: Antitrust Review.

Life After Dr. Miles

An article in today’s WSJ, Price-Fixing Makes Comeback After Supreme Court Ruling, reports that minimum resale price maintenance (i.e., the setting of minimum retail prices by product manufacturers) is increasing in light of last summer’s Leegin decision. That’s great news for me, because I’ve spent most of the summer cranking out an article on how ... Life After Dr. Miles

Why Antitrust?

As the start of the new academic year inches closer, and students are deciding what courses to take, I thought I’d give a little plug to antitrust law. I’ve seen enrollment in antitrust courses vary dramatically over the past 10 years or so since I was a student and now as a professor. I certainly ... Why Antitrust?