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Some blog posts I’ve been reading:

  • Professor Bainbridge makes a lot of sense on the case against the Socratic Method in law teaching (so does Gordon Smith). By the way (and the Professor probably does not remember this), but he also gave me very good advice when I went on the job market in 2004. Before going on the market, I was nervously giving a mock job talk at UCLA to a group which included Professor Bainbridge. I started out horribly, but thought that once I got going and talking about the research I became a bit more comfortable and hit my stride, so to speak. Of all the advice I got on actual job talk performance that day, his was the best. He walked up to me after the talk and said: “Good job. It was an interesting talk. But can you please quit playing with the keys in your pocket next time?” To this day, I empty my pockets and place everything in them on the lectern before I start a lecture. I think the advice about the dropping the so-called Socratic Method might even be better.
  • Justin Wolfers revisits Stigler’s classic “Conference Handbook” (I prefer to go with a combination of comments 1, 20, and 32)
  • A new (to me, anyway) antitrust blog
  • Tyler Cowen cracks the drink-ice cube ratio problem
  • The best news I’ve heard in awhile