Welcome D.C. Circuit Law Clerks to our Whole Foods Coverage

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Joshua D. Wright, Welcome D.C. Circuit Law Clerks to our Whole Foods Coverage, Truth on the Market (August 27, 2008), https://truthonthemarket.com/2008/08/27/welcome-dc-circuit-law-clerks-to-our-whole-foods-coverage/

Our friends at Antitrust Review point to the Petition for Rehearing En Banc in Whole Foods. As readers of the blog will know, Geoff and Thom have been exhaustively covering the Whole Foods litigation. Now, their latest efforts have been cited by the parties in the Petition (see n. 1) as leading examples of the outpouring of “critical commentary” that followed the D.C. Circuit’s decision. Here’s Thom’s post and here is Geoff’s. Congrats to Geoff and Thom. Lunch is on me if TOTM makes its way into the potential En Banc opinion. By the way, if the petitioners thought Geoff’s first post was “critical,” they should take a look at this one from earlier on in the process or Thom’s analysis of the district court’s decision.