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Delaware Opinion Addresses Multitude of Corporate Law Issues

Francis Pileggi has a summary on his blog of the recent Delaware Chancery Court opinion in Oliver v. Boston University (see here).  He also links to the 105 page opinion.  I have not read the opinion but intend to because it addresses a number of core corporate law issues including the business judgment rule, duty ... Delaware Opinion Addresses Multitude of Corporate Law Issues

UnitedHealth Option Backdating Lawsuit Complaint

As I noted in this post, there are a variety of federal securities law claims that could be alleged with respect to option backdating. The case filed against UniteHealth, however, is a derivative suit which indicates it is based on state law claims. I was curious as to what exactly the claims are so I ... UnitedHealth Option Backdating Lawsuit Complaint

A Bizarre Insider Trading Case from Down Under

Today’s W$J reports on an odd lawsuit the Australian government is pursuing against Citigroup. According to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, a smoke break conversation between Citigroup employees resulted in illegal insider trading. Citigroup, it seems, was representing bidder Toll Holdings, Inc. in a yet-to-be-announced hostile bid for Patrick Corp., Austrialia’s largest port cargo ... A Bizarre Insider Trading Case from Down Under

"Hofstra-gate?" Revisited

Matt Bodie, of Hofstra and Prawfsblawg, is “a little outraged” at the NCAA tournament selection committee’s failure to invite Hofstra to the big dance.  But what really gets Matt is that: George Mason, a team that Hofstra beat twice, is going instead.  George Mason had a slightly tougher out of conference schedule, but it has ... "Hofstra-gate?" Revisited

Trust the Customer!

Nobel Laureate (and GMU Prof) Vernon Smith has a must read column in the WSJ on the growing costs of health care and education. The problem? “[I]f third-party deep pockets pay whatever is the price B charges A this year, the effect is to reinforce the incentive to raise the price next year. Spending escalates, ... Trust the Customer!

On disclosure: Shame?

Daniel Akst in the NYT has an interesting piece on executive compensation and disclosure (HT: Tyler Cowen). He calls for more shame — more reliance on norms to manage intractable agency problems: Although more disclosure and pay-for-performance requirements won’t dampen runaway C.E.O. compensation, both are useful for illustrating a larger lesson: that it’s naïve to ... On disclosure: Shame?

Icahn Sued by Hedge Fund

Carl Icahn has been all over the news lately. I’m beginning to think it’s to garner publicty for the launch of a new reality show called something like “The Activist.� I would watch it. Anyway, today the W$J reports (click here) that Icahn is being sued by a hedge fund in connection with proposed transactions ... Icahn Sued by Hedge Fund

Antitrust Law and Competition for Distribution

Thom recently posted about Judge Alito’s comments on the recent Lepage’s decision involving bundled discounts offered to retailers. There is presently much debate among antitrust scholars regarding the proper treatment of “above-cost” price cuts, such as the bundled discounts in Lepage’s. The anticompetitive theory in these cases is not that discounts mask what is effectively ... Antitrust Law and Competition for Distribution

Correcting "The Ethicist" on Insider Trading

In yesterday’s New York Times Magazine, an anonymous reader posed the following question to The Ethicist: I am a subspecialty physician without primary responsibility for patients. I consulted on the care of the C.E.O. of a major company, the seriousness of whose illness was not being fully disclosed to shareholders. I own stock in this ... Correcting "The Ethicist" on Insider Trading

Alito and Antitrust (Part II)

A few weeks back, Josh had a nice post (on Ideoblog) regarding Judge Alito’s antitrust record. He was pretty optimistic, dismissing Judge Alito’s antitrust critics and concluding that “what little Judge Alito has written on antitrust issues is properly described as fastidious analysis complemented by strict application of doctrine.” Some of Judge Alito’s comments in ... Alito and Antitrust (Part II)