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MSM, Blogs, and George Mason's "Other" Big News

It has been a fine month for George Mason University. The Final Four appearance has attracted a good deal of media attention and general buzz. This week, I received a record number of phone calls from friends about Mason (“No, I dont have any extra Final Four tickets.”). As great as this news is for ... MSM, Blogs, and George Mason's "Other" Big News

Retirement Benefits and the Lucent/Alcatel Deal

As a merger between Lucent and Alcatel inches closer to completion, Lucent’s retirees worry about what may happen to their benefits. Billed as a “merger of equals,� concerns about Lucent’s retirement accounts have been a speed bump. While Lucent has nearly a $2.7 billion surplus in its three of its pension plans, it faces a ... Retirement Benefits and the Lucent/Alcatel Deal

Google files to sell additional 5.3 million shares

Taking advantage of the securities offering reforms that have been in effect since December 1, 2005, yesterday Google filed an automatic shelf registration statement on Form S-3 for the sale of an additional 5.3 million shares of its Class A Common Stock (click here). As the name implies, the registration statement went effective automatically upon ... Google files to sell additional 5.3 million shares

DOJ Approves Whirlpool/Maytag Merger

The DOJ will not challenge Whirlpool’s (much-blogged-about) proposed acquisition of Maytag (HT: WSJ Law Blog). This Reuters blurb suggests that antitrust experts believe the decision “is a key test of the Justice Department’s new antitrust chief and could provide a glimpse of how tough he will be in reviewing mergers” (HT: Antitrust Review). I’m skeptical ... DOJ Approves Whirlpool/Maytag Merger

Zaring on the ABA Consent Decree

David Zaring, guest blogging at Concurring Opinions, has some thoughts on the sunsetting of the ABA’s consent decree this June. David asked for my thoughts on what this will mean for the market for legal education (also, I am quite flattered that Zaring describes me as a “prominent and businessey professor blogger,” but, I am ... Zaring on the ABA Consent Decree

"Go-Shop" Provisions in Acquisition Agreements

A standard provision of an acquisition agreement is a “no-shop/no-talk.� Under this provision, the target company contractually agrees with the buyer not to solicit or talk to other buyers, even if unsolicited, regarding making a superior bid. A no-shop/no-talk is designed to protect the buyer against another buyer stealing the deal. However, the provision is ... "Go-Shop" Provisions in Acquisition Agreements

GMU Makes the Final Four!

What a game!  George Mason beat UCONN 86-84 in overtime and is heading to the Final Four after eliminating Michigan State, North Carolina, Wichita State, and now, UCONN.  Congratulations to the Patriots!

Nacchio’s Puzzling Insider Trading Defense, Part II

I’m really starting to worry about the lawyers for former Qwest CEO, Joseph Nacchio. (I first expressed concern here.) Mr. Nacchio has been charged with 42 counts of criminal insider trading. The charges are based on allegations that Mr. Nacchio learned, after Qwest had made some rosy public statements, that business wasn’t going as well ... Nacchio’s Puzzling Insider Trading Defense, Part II

Chicago Price Theory Conference

The University of Chicago Initiative on Chicago Price Theory — whose founders include Gary Becker, Kevin M. Murphy, and Steve Levitt — is holding a conference on April 7-8. The line up is spectacular, and includes excellent panels on: the market for talent in finance, the environment and economics, a tribute to Gary Becker, the ... Chicago Price Theory Conference

Sen. Lugar’s New Grip on Reality

In a recent speech at the Brookings Institution, Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) bashed what he called “a laissez-faire energy policy that relies on market evolution.” Under such a policy, he says, “life in America is going to be much more difficult in the coming decades.” He insists that “[w]hat is needed is an urgent national ... Sen. Lugar’s New Grip on Reality

Mandating Cost-Savings for Hospitals

It drives me nuts when the government attempts to justify rules mandating particular business practices on grounds that they reduce costs for the businesses being regulated. My favorite recent example of this is OSHA’s ultimately repealed (thank goodness!) ergonomics standard. The agency sought to justify the extraordinarily intrusive rule on grounds that it would save ... Mandating Cost-Savings for Hospitals

SEC Tech Measures

Today’s W$J has an article detailing tech oriented measures being pushed at the SEC by Chairman Cox. These measures include: • Offering incentives to companies to disclose financial information in a way that tags various pieces of data — such as revenue, profit margins and reserves — so that investors can compare companies against each ... SEC Tech Measures