DOJ Approves Whirlpool/Maytag Merger

Josh Wright —  29 March 2006

The DOJ will not challenge Whirlpool’s (much-blogged-about) proposed acquisition of Maytag (HT: WSJ Law Blog). This Reuters blurb suggests that antitrust experts believe the decision “is a key test of the Justice Department’s new antitrust chief and could provide a glimpse of how tough he will be in reviewing mergers” (HT: Antitrust Review). I’m skeptical that this decision says anything profound about the merger policy one can expect from the DOJ in the years to come. Of course, I anticipate that many will be willing to extrapolate a “hands-off” approach from this decision.

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    Oh — and comments and analysis like those contained in this news article vindicate Josh’s earlier comment and help to allay some of my skepticism. Actually, I guess the approval alone is enough to allay my skepticism.


    My earlier take on the matter (suggesting the deal should go through and with a good comment from Josh) is here