Chicago Price Theory Conference

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Joshua D. Wright, Chicago Price Theory Conference, Truth on the Market (March 23, 2006),

The University of Chicago Initiative on Chicago Price Theory — whose founders include Gary Becker, Kevin M. Murphy, and Steve Levitt — is holding a conference on April 7-8. The line up is spectacular, and includes excellent panels on: the market for talent in finance, the environment and economics, a tribute to Gary Becker, the economics of health and disease, the role of the media, and a concluding panel of Becker, Nobel Laureate George Akerlof, and Edward Glaesar on “The Biggest Questions of the Day.” Speaking of prices, it looks like registration is free! Sadly, I will not be attending. On a happier note, the reason I will not be in Chicago is because I will be in Boston presenting my new (soon to be posted to SSRN) empirical paper, “Slotting Contracts and Consumer Welfare,” at the International Industrial Organization Society Annual Meeting.