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If government is the problem, when is Google the solution?

Via the WSJblog, I see that Google and the government are tangling again over the government’s effort to obtain search records (this time relating to porn-viewing-by-children enforcement efforts) (I guess that should read anti-porn-viewing-by-children enforcement efforts). It reminds me of a post of Dan’s on Concurring Opinions from a while back that I wanted to ... If government is the problem, when is Google the solution?

In international blog news

First, Joel Trachtman of Tufts’ (great and soon-to-be better) Fletcher School has started up a new international trade blog, called International Economic Law and Policy. If you know anything about international trade law and/or economics, you know Joel Trachtman and thus you know that this will be a must-read. He has been joined at the ... In international blog news

So it's to be double secret trademark protection, then

The People have spoken and we, being weak-willed saps craving of the People’s attention, have caved to their demands. I know — many of you are in the silent minority (majority?) who really liked seeing all those little TMs all over our blog. You have been railroaded like us by this corner of the Internet’s ... So it's to be double secret trademark protection, then

On disclosure, a continuing series

We all know that our securities regulatory regime is predominantly a disclosure regime, meaning the regulators, for the most part, don’t impose substantive regulations on securities issuers, but require only accurate, timely disclosure of certain information. And as against a more intrusive, substantive regime, I think this is preferable, even in its current, fairly intrusive ... On disclosure, a continuing series

Drugs and federalism

I’m no expert on the topic (I anxiously await Randy Barnett’s comments), but does anyone else think the opinion in Gonzales v. Oregon issued today (limiting the application of the Controlled Substances Act and upholding Oregon’s assisted suicide law) could have been a masterful dissent in Gonzales v. Raich (reading the Controlled Substances Act to ... Drugs and federalism