So it's to be double secret trademark protection, then

Geoffrey Manne —  18 January 2006

animal house/belushiThe People have spoken and we, being weak-willed saps craving of the People’s attention, have caved to their demands. I know — many of you are in the silent minority (majority?) who really liked seeing all those little TMs all over our blog. You have been railroaded like us by this corner of the Internet’s vocal pro-commons majority (minority?). But deep in our hearts we know that we wish, secretly, to preserve our property rights. And so we crawl back into our hole, content in the knowledge that we may eventually establish “double secret” trademark protection even without the annoying little indicia. (Viva la revolucion!)

Geoffrey Manne


President & Founder, International Center for Law & Economics

3 responses to So it's to be double secret trademark protection, then


    Just curious, do you have permission to use eBay’s registered trademark? Not sure that you’d need it, just asking. I’m not a law professor, so I won’t venture a guess.


    Bill’s “throughout the world” should be read “throughout . . . the WORLD!!!!!” and should be followed by sinister, demonic laughter.


    To be clear, since our marks appear on the World Wide Web, we assert double secret trademark and service mark rights throughout the world.