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Commisioner Troy Paredes

Only the formality of full Senate confirmation stands between Troy Paredes and the SEC following unanimous approval from the Senate Banking Committee.  Congratulations, Troy. UPDATE:  [Someone claiming to be] Chairman Cox points out in the comments that Troy was in fact confirmed by the full Senate last week.  Indeed, it is true.  Not much fanfare, but ... Commisioner Troy Paredes

Austin Bound

My tour of duty as the FTC Scholar in Residence came to an end this past week.  It was a fantastic opportunity for a junior scholar that I am grateful to have had.  Plus, I couldn’t have picked a more interesting year to be at the Commission.  Anyway, I’ll have more to say about all ... Austin Bound

Behavioral Economics and Antitrust at AAI

Related to Thom’s post on behavioral economics and the problem of conflicting or offsetting biases, the American Antitrust Institute (AAI) held a conference on June 18th 2008 (audio available at the link above). The conference was, as I understand it, designed as a precursor to the AAI’s release of a “Transition Report” to the next ... Behavioral Economics and Antitrust at AAI

Lipton on Shareholder Primacy

It should be no surprise that the inventor of the poison pill is pro-director, but Marty Lipton’s remarks at a June 25 conference at the University of Minnesota Law School left no doubt that he truly believes in his heart of hearts that we’re better off with strong, unencumbered boards. According to the WSJ’s deals ... Lipton on Shareholder Primacy

Academic Buzzwords

Apparently, the Local Government Association has told British bureaucrats in local and town governments to stop using 100 “non-words.” (CNN) From the story: The list includes the popular but vague term “empowerment;” “coterminosity,” a situation in which two organizations oversee the same geographical area; and “synergies,” combinations in which the whole is greater than the ... Academic Buzzwords

New Global Competition Policy: Class Cert & Merger Review in the UK

The new issue is available here, and features the following articles in Class Certification and Antitrust Actions: Why Economics Now Matters for Antitrust Class Actions at the Class Certification Stage by Wendy Bloom (Kirkland & Ellis) The Potential Impact of Twombly on Antitrust Class Actions by Wendy Bloom (Kirkland & Ellis) and James Langenfeld (LECG) ... New Global Competition Policy: Class Cert & Merger Review in the UK

The Law Of Household Economics

Yesterday the W$J ran an article with the above-referenced title (see here). The gist of the article is that whenever a household is blessed with an unexpected windfall, it will be cursed by an equal, unexpected cost. When I read the column, I thought to myself that it’s funny because it’s true. Now I’m thinking ... The Law Of Household Economics

Behavioralism and the Problem of Conflicting Quirks

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with the behavioralists lately. I recently read Dan Ariely’s interesting book, Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Decisions. Then I heard Tom Ulen give a nice overview presentation at the recent Silicon Flatirons conference on the New Institutional Economics. I’m currently reading Cass Sunstein and ... Behavioralism and the Problem of Conflicting Quirks

Cert Granted in Linkline

The Supreme Court has granted cert in Pacific Bell Telephone Co., dba AT&T California v. linkLine Communications in order to address the question of whether a Section 2 “price squeeze” claim is viable under the Sherman Act if the defendant has no duty to deal.  (HT: Scotusblog, which also has all of the relevant links). ... Cert Granted in Linkline

The NWU 2 Year Program

Bill Henderson has some thoughtful commentary on Northwestern University’s announcement of its 2 Year JD.  He likes it.  Here’s an excerpt: So let’s get this straight:  NWU Law is going to attract applications from all the experienced, motivated students who want their elite JD degrees in two years versus three.  Then it is going to ... The NWU 2 Year Program

Chairman Kovacic Announces the "FTC at 100" Self-Assessement Exercise

Chairman Kovacic has posted a paper announcing a major self-assessment initiative at the FTC: The FTC at 100: Into our Second Century.  Here is the opening paragraph: Albert Cummins was one of the chief sponsors of the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914. In the weeks before the passage of the legislation that would create ... Chairman Kovacic Announces the "FTC at 100" Self-Assessement Exercise

Call for Antitrust Papers

From the Mississippi College School of Law: The Mississippi College Law Review is issuing a call for papers pertaining to antitrust law. The Law Review has published several themed issues in the past two years, and wishes to publish an article concerning antitrust, as the Law Review has not published any articles on this topic ... Call for Antitrust Papers