Call for Antitrust Papers

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Joshua D. Wright, Call for Antitrust Papers, Truth on the Market (June 19, 2008),

From the Mississippi College School of Law:

The Mississippi College Law Review is issuing a call for papers
pertaining to antitrust law. The Law Review has published several themed
issues in the past two years, and wishes to publish an article
concerning antitrust, as the Law Review has not published any articles
on this topic in several years.  We hope to increase the quality of our
submissions significantly and to attract a diverse mix of academics and
practitioners who each wish to contribute thoughtful dialogue on the law
in his or her subject of expertise.

Articles are recommended to be at least 25 pages of double-spaced text.
Depending on article length, the Law Review anticipates that one or two
articles on antitrust could be selected and published in a single
volume.  The deadline for article submission is August 1, 2008.
Synopses of works-in-progress submitted by July 1, 2008 will also be
considered, given an understanding that a final draft would be due
September 1, 2008.  The Mississippi College Law Review does not accept
work of current students of other law schools.  Submissions may be sent


Kaytie Pickett
Articles Editor
Mississippi College School of Law