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Litigating Delaware governance law in an alien land

A recent Delaware case, Baker v. Impact Holding, Inc.,  raises several interesting questions on a topic I’ve discussed recently – where to litigate cases involving Delaware business entities. Francis Pileggi has a good summary of the case.  I want to explore the case’s implications for jurisdictional competition.  First some general background before getting into the ... Litigating Delaware governance law in an alien land

Giving away the first year of law school

Christine Hurt suggests: If Progressive Law School costs $30,000 a year today, then starting next year, the first year is free, and the second year is $45,000 and the third year is $45,000.  Students are admitted the same way, only tuition is deferred until a student registers for the second year of law school.  If ... Giving away the first year of law school

Financial reform and foreign stocks

The WSJ reported on Tuesday that moves by Daimler and other European, especially German, companies to shed their U.S. listings indicate that many of these firms “have come to view [a U.S. listing] as a liability.” The exodus will leave just four major German companies with U.S. listings. The WSJ notes that the costs have ... Financial reform and foreign stocks

Taxing private equity

The venerable debate over carried interest compensation of private equity managers is heating up again. The NYT’s Andrew Sorkin is predicting Congress will vote to tax it as ordinary income rather than capital gains, which Sorkin thinks is a good thing: Under their current partnership structure, however, [private equity] general partners * * * receive ... Taxing private equity

From Ideoblog to TOTM

After six years on Ideoblog I have decided to move my act over to Truth on the Market.  I’m taking this momentous (for me, if not the rest of the world) step for three reasons. First, I’m joining a great bunch of writers, some of whom I’ve known for a long time.  TOTM offers what ... From Ideoblog to TOTM