From Ideoblog to TOTM

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Larry Ribstein, From Ideoblog to TOTM, Truth on the Market (May 19, 2010),

After six years on Ideoblog I have decided to move my act over to Truth on the Market.  I’m taking this momentous (for me, if not the rest of the world) step for three reasons.

First, I’m joining a great bunch of writers, some of whom I’ve known for a long time.  TOTM offers what I could not – a full-service blog with the complete range of business-related topics, all written with an appreciation of how markets operate.

Second, this group site provides a good opportunity to do some things I didn’t really have the resources for operating all alone, particularly including symposia on hot topics.

Third, I am hoping to reach a broader audience.  I’m happy with the exposure I’ve gotten on Ideoblog but alas, there are still too many wrong-thinking people in the world!  I’d like to get my ideas out before the regulators have crushed what’s left of capitalism. With object in view, I will also be writing weekly on, cross-posted at TOTM.  More on that later.

I’m looking forward to joining Todd, Thom, Geoff,  Mike, Jay and Josh.