Paul Rubin joins TOTM

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Larry Ribstein, Paul Rubin joins TOTM, Truth on the Market (March 10, 2011),

You may have noticed the newest member of the TOTM Team.  We’re very proud to welcome Paul Rubin, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Economics at Emory University and one of the leading figures in law and economics.  

Paul has written seminal articles on, among other subjects, the forces shaping the common law, franchising, and covenants not to compete.  Paul’s current areas of interest include tort reform, regulation of pharmaceuticals, the economics of privacy and the economics of the Bill of Rights.  He’s a frequent contributor to prominent publications, and now will grace our pages.

Paul will significantly expand our coverage and reinforce our position as one of the leading sources of commentary on the law and economics of regulation.   No folk economics here — just Truth on the Market.