TOTM Welcomes Dan Crane

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Joshua D. Wright, TOTM Welcomes Dan Crane, Truth on the Market (July 26, 2010),

TOTM is pleased to announce Professor Daniel Crane (Michigan Law) as — for now we hope — a guest blogger.  Dan is a prolific scholar in antitrust and intellectual property.  Dan’s recent work has focused on antitrust and economic regulation, particularly the institutional structure of antitrust enforcement, predatory pricing, bundling, and the antitrust implications of various patent practices.  You can download some of Dan’s work here (including, if I may, our co-authored reply to Einer Elhauge on bundled discounts and exclusion).  TOTM readers may already be familiar with Professor Crane, who has been a frequent contributor to our blog symposia on Section 2 and the Proposed Horizontal Merger Guidelines, and has recently done excellent work on Section5 and the Intel case.

We are thrilled to having Dan join the TOTM team and look forward to his contributions.  Welcome Dan!