Antitrust Law and Economics

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Joshua D. Wright, Antitrust Law and Economics, Truth on the Market (June 14, 2010),

Antitrust Law and Economics, a volume edited by Keith Hylton, is now available from Edward Elgar Publishing.  Here is the description:

This comprehensive book provides an extensive overview of the major topics of antitrust law from an economic perspective. Its in-depth treatment and analysis of both the law and economics of antitrust is presented via a collection of interconnected original essays. The contributing authors are among the most influential scholars in antitrust, with a rich diversity of backgrounds. Their entries cover, amongst other issues, predatory pricing, essential facilities, tying, vertical restraints, enforcement, mergers, market power, monopolization standards, and facilitating practices.

The volume includes entries from, among others, Dan Crane, Bill Page, Jonathan Baker, Keith Hylton, and Bruce Kobayashi.  I also have a chapter in the volume on the antitrust analysis of exclusive dealing and tying arrangements, co-authored with the Federal Trade Commission’s Alden Abbott.