Professor Werner Z. Hirsch (1920-2009)

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Joshua D. Wright, Professor Werner Z. Hirsch (1920-2009), Truth on the Market (September 08, 2009),

I worked for Professor Hirsch as a graduate student working my way through the economics and law programs at UCLA.  We wrote an article together on the law and economics of regulatory takings before the antitrust bug had taken hold of me.  I’ve still got a draft somewhere, I think.  I remember him as being extremely generous with his time and wisdom.  He shared an office with Armen Alchian, who would sit on my dissertation committee.  I spent a lot of time in that office.   Professor Hirsch passed in July from pancreatic cancer.  A memorial service will be held for him September 21.  Details here.  He will be missed.  The LA Times Obituary is here.