Available Now: Pioneers of Law and Economics

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I’m very pleased to announce that my first book editing project (along with my colleague Lloyd Cohen), Pioneers of Law and Economics, is available on-line from Edward Elgar Publishing.  The book includes a series of specially commissioned essays designed to honor the founders of the law and economics enterprise.  From the book:

The editors of the volume embrace a view of the field that is inclusive not only of a broad range of issues, but also of economic methods. Celebrated here are the founders of law and economics as well as economic theorists, public choice scholars, lawyers and judges who applied economic insights to the law and legal institutions. They include: Ronald Coase, Aaron Director, George Stigler, Armen Alchian, Harold Demsetz, Benjamin Klein, James Buchanan, Gordon Tullock, Henry Manne, Richard Posner, Gary Becker, William Landes, Richard Epstein, Guido Calabresi, Frank Easterbrook, Daniel Fischel, Steven Shavell and A. Mitchell Polinsky. Contributors to the volume include other pioneers, former students and clerks, colleagues, and influential scholars in the field.

Scholars and students working in the tradition of law and economics, as well as those in the fields of economics, law and public policy will find the book an essential reference for this important area of scholarship.

Many thanks to the excellent list of contributors who devoted their time and energy into this project!

1. Ronald H. Coase
Thomas W. Hazlett

2. Aaron Director Remembered
Stephen M. Stigler

3. Aaron Director’s Influence on Antitrust Policy
Sam Peltzman

4. George J. Stigler and his Contributions to Law and Economics
Harold Demsetz

5. The Enduring Contributions of Armen Alchian
Susan Woodward

6. Harold Demsetz
Mark F. Grady

7. Benjamin Klein’s Contributions to Law and Economics
Joshua D. Wright

8. Buchanan and Tullock on Law and Economics
Robert D. Tollison

9. Henry Manne
Larry E. Ribstein

10. Gary Becker’s Contributions to Law and Economics
John F. Pfaff

11. Pioneers of Law and Economics: William M. Landes and Richard A. Posner
Thomas S. Ulen

12. Putting Law First: Richard Epstein’s Contribution to Law and Economics
Andrew P. Morriss

13. Calabresi’s Influence of Law and Economics
Keith N. Hylton

14. Easterbrook and Fischel
Katherine V. Litvak

15. The Path Breaking Contributions of A. Mitchell Polinsky and Steven Shavell to Law and Economics
Nuno Garoupa and Fernando Gomez-Pomar

If you are a student, teacher, producer or consumer of law and economics scholarship this is a great volume for you.  With the exceptions of the Peltzman and Stigler essays on Aaron Director from the recent Journal of Law and Economics tribute Buy the book, these are all original essays written for the purposes of this collection.  You can buy the book here.