Evans and Schmalensee Webinar on Two-Sided Markets

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Here is a link to the latest Competition Policy International Webinar series on antitrust issues in two-sided markets by David Evans and Richard Schmalansee. Here is the course description:

It is now widely recognized by antitrust and economic scholars that analyzing competitive practices such as mergers and abuse of dominance in two-sided industries requires special consideration. This course, by two of the leading contributors to the two-sided literature, will provide a basic introduction to two-sided markets and then show how the concepts can be applied for market definition and for analyzing monopolization and abuse of dominance cases.

See details in the announcement below.

It Takes Two to Tango: Competition Policy Analysis for Two-Sided Markets

Presented by David S. Evans and Richard Schmalensee in 3 Parts

Wed, March 11 at 12 pm E.S.T. – Session 1: The New Economics of Two-Sided Markets

Wed, Mar 18 at 12 pm E.S.T. – Session 2: Market Definition & Market Power with Two Customer Sides

Wed, Mar 25 at 12 pm E.S.T. – Session 3: Analysis of Abuse & Monopolization in Two-Sided Markets

The area of two-sided markets is one of the hottest in economics and competition policy—Interactions among groups of distinct customers have tremendous legal and economic implications. This course will provide insight into two-sided markets and will illustrate how the concepts can be applied for market definition and for analyzing monopolization and abuse of dominance cases.  This course has significant professional and practical content for attorneys practicing in the antitrust and competition policy arenas, both domestically and abroad.


To register: visit our website at https://www.competitionpolicyinternational.com/course_main.html.  The fee for all three classes, with CLE credit, is $355; without CLE credit the cost is $130. You may also enroll in individual classes. Discounts for multiple users from the same organization are available and members of competition authorities can enroll for no cost. For complete information regarding discounts and specific state CLE credit, special registration needs, or for any other questions, contact us at LearningCenter@competitionpolicyinternational.com.

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For those of you who missed the opportunity to attend Professor Michael Salinger’s course: An Introduction to Statistics in Antitrust Litigation, you may also now purchase a streaming version of one or all four classes at our online learning center, visit: https://www.competitionpolicyinternational.com/course_main.html and scroll down the page.