We Didn’t Hear the Question

Thom Lambert —  9 March 2009

I have a love/hate relationship with the wireless access in our law school classrooms. On the one hand, it saddens me that my students surf the Internet during class. On the other hand, Socratic dialogue goes so much faster when the students can IM each other answers. (Although I wish they’d be a little more subtle about it. It’s so obvious what’s going on when the student you’ve called on initially looks shocked and clueless but then glances down at her computer screen — not her casebook, where the answer may actually lie — and spits back a perfect answer.)

I was a little sad to learn from these NYU students that “no one IMs anymore.”

Thom Lambert


I am a law professor at the University of Missouri Law School. I teach antitrust law, business organizations, and contracts. My scholarship focuses on regulatory theory, with a particular emphasis on antitrust.

2 responses to We Didn’t Hear the Question


    Thom, you can IM me any time you want.


    When I was in law school, I frequently downloaded cases to be read to my laptop. When asked questions, I could look at the cases and find what I wanted quickly. WIth the word search function, I usually came up with exactly what I wanted. (Not so often what the professor might have!) But who wants to lug the case book and the laptop around?