Welcome Guest Blogger Mary Coleman

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Bill’s shift to emeritus status and move to Arizona are not the only changes at TOTM for the coming new year. We’ve also got some plans to make sure that we’re feeding our loyal readers a steady stream of law, economics, and business content.  One of these plans can’t wait for the New Year.  We’ve lined up a series of guest bloggers that we will host to add to the mix here at TOTM.  The guests will include lawyers and economists, academics and practitioners, and a variety of perspectives on the issues that are near and dear to our hearts around these parts: antitrust, intellectual property, corporate and commercial law, business, and law and economics generally.

I’d like to introduce the first guest in our series: Dr. Mary Coleman.

Mary is the managing director of LECG’s Mergers and Acquisition practices.  She was the Deputy Director for Antitrust in the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Economics from 2001 to 2004, and served as a staff economist from 1990-93 including a role as lead economist on the Commission’s Microsoft investigation.  Dr. Coleman received her PhD in economics from Stanford University in 1990 and specializes in the competitive analysis of mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures, and antitrust and intellectual property litigation. She has experience with a wide range of industries and has made presentations before US and foreign antitrust authorities. Mary has published a number of articles on topics such as antitrust analysis in high technology industries, the use of merger guidelines in various international jurisdictions, and the use of econometrics and other empirical methods in antitrust analysis.

We’re thrilled to have Dr. Coleman on board for a few weeks and I’m sure our readers will enjoy her posts.  I know that her first post will start where I left off discussing the implications of the Commission’s recent theory of enforcement in Ovation Pharmaceuticals.  After that, anything is fair game.  Welcome aboard Mary.