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Geoffrey A. Manne, Bill's News, Truth on the Market (December 28, 2008),

There’s good and bad news for Truth on the Market, and I wanted to share both with our loyal readers.

The good news:  Bill, co-founder of this blog and stalwart of our early blogging days’ focus on securities regulation and corporate law and governance, has accepted a new, senior position at the University of Arizona Rogers College of Law.  This is great news for Arizona–Bill is a tremendous scholar and a great colleague.  We heartily congratulate Bill on this well-deserved move, and we look forward to hearing more about his career from his new perch.

The bad news:  With his new move and new responsibilities, Bill has decided to give up blogging (for the time being at least).  We will miss Bill’s insights and wealth of knowledge, as I’m sure our readers will, as well.  Bill is always welcome to return to Truth on the Market–the blog began as a gleam in Bill’s eye and a generous invitation to me to join with him in starting the blog, and I am forever grateful to him for the opportunity.

Bill will become our first blogger emeritus, and his login will remain for whenever the spirit moves him.

Congratulations, Bill, and best of luck!