Dominant Incumbent, Meet the New Entrant

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Joshua D. Wright, Dominant Incumbent, Meet the New Entrant, Truth on the Market (December 27, 2008),

The new Competition Law Center at George Washington University School of Law (see earlier post at ACP here), funded by a $5.1 million cy pres award from alum and plaintiff’s lawyer Michael Hausfeld (formerly of Cohen, Milsten Hausfeld and Toll, now Cohen, Milsten, Sellers and Toll) will be providing some competition to the nearby American Antitrust Institute and Spencer Waller’s Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies in the plaintiff, private enforcement and interventionist oriented product space.  This is a wonderful development from a competitive perspective — the space is highly concentrated and has long been dominated by AAI, which I’m quite sure is intellectually committed to being thrilled to see the increased competition in the battle for mindshare (and funding dollars) and influence over future antitrust policy.  More seriously, the AAI will be hosting an event on Antitrust in the New Administration, and has recently presented its Post-Chicago antitrust enforcement vision to the Transition team.  The upstart over at George Washington has some work to do.