The Best Antitrust Articles of 2007

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Joshua D. Wright, The Best Antitrust Articles of 2007, Truth on the Market (December 30, 2007),

Danny Sokol has collected picks from antitrust specialists around the globe. There were plenty of excellent articles and books to pick from but I ultimately selected this article from Keith Hylton and Fei Deng and this book on the Microsoft Case from Bill Page and John Lopatka. You can see the rest of the picks here.

While I limited myself to selecting a single article and a single book for the purposes of the Professor Sokol’s list, I thought I’d post the contents of the rough “Top Ten” list I sketched out. As a disclaimer, I’m probably am missing a few really good ones I read earlier in the year and didn’t put any effort into making an exhaustive list of antitrust scholarship for the year. Plus, I might have also misclassified the timing on some of these. Feel free to add your own in the comments, but here are some “articles” (broadly construed to include government reports, etc.) which would appear somewhere in my Top Ten (or Twenty?) List: