GMU/ Microsoft Innovation Forum Next Week!

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Joshua D. Wright, GMU/ Microsoft Innovation Forum Next Week!, Truth on the Market (April 26, 2007),

As Geoff noted the other day, The First Annual GMU / Microsoft Annual Conference on the Law and Economics Innovation is now just one week away. It will be Friday, May 4th at GMU Law from 9 am to 4pm. This year’s topic is “The Regulation of Innovation and Economic Growth.” Conference papers and discussion will focus on the innovative process itself and the question of how regulation, particularly antitrust and intellectual property regimes, might foster or impede growth.

Geoff and I, along with a ton of others who had a substantial role in putting this project together, truly hope that this will be the first in a long running collaboration between GMU and Microsoft which will produce a forum for academics, regulators, industry representatives, and policy makers together to discuss this important topic and present research.

As exciting as it is to have a hand in organizing the event, and as happy as I am that it will take place right there at GMU Law, the best thing about this conference is by far the quality of program that Geoff was able to pull together. I will admit to our faithful TOTM readers that Geoff deserves all the credit for this. I’m thrilled to be able to participate in one of the panels myself along with Jon Baker, Dan Spulber, and Keith Hylton — all economists whom I respect greatly and whose work I am familiar with. Here’s the entire conference agenda, which includes the following speakers, commentors, and moderators:

  • Jonathan B. Baker, American University Washington College of Law
  • Ronald A. Cass, Dean Emeritus, Boston University School of Law
  • Robert D. Cooter, University of California at Berkeley School of Law
  • Keith N. Hylton, Boston University School of Law
  • Marco Iansiti, Harvard Business School
  • Bruce H. Kobayashi, George Mason School of Law
  • Douglas G. Lichtman, University of Chicago Law School
  • Stan J. Liebowitz, University of Texas/Dallas School of Management
  • Stephen E. Margolis, North Carolina State College of Management
  • Randal Picker, University of Chicago Law School
  • Howard A. Shelanski, University of California at Berkeley School of Law
  • Daniel F. Spulber, Kellogg School of Management
  • Joshua D. Wright, George Mason University School of Law

The papers, including my own, can be downloaded here.

For those of you law and economics types heading to ALEA in Boston for the weekend, there is plenty of time to join us Friday and make it to Boston on time for dinner Friday night.  Conference registration is free.  Come join us and make sure to say hello. For those of you who cannot make it, I plan on doing some “not-so-live” blogging after both the GMU/Microsoft Conference as well as ALEA over the weekend.