ALEA happy hour

Geoffrey Manne —  30 April 2006

Dear friends of TOTM:

58f8d0fd2a1354ba78dc6de544cd1ece.gifIf you’re going to be attending the American Law and Economics Association annual meeting, or if you’ll be otherwise in the neighborhood (Berkeley, that is) on May 5 and 6, there are two must-attend events over the action-packed weekend.

The first is the inaugural TOTM happy hour. Join us (Josh and Geoff) Friday evening (following dinner) at the Claremont hotel for drinks and some ritual scoffing at Sarbanes-Oxley and the Merger Guidelines.

The second is “Panel VB: Antitrust and Regulation” on Saturday morning at 9:00, during which Josh will be presenting his excellent paper, Slotting Contracts and Consumer Welfare. Download it while it’s hot!

We hope to see you there.

Geoffrey Manne


President & Founder, International Center for Law & Economics

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    It’s not on point, but I’m only going to note this:

    Everyone’s doing it, people.

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