Antitrust Souvenirs?

Josh Wright —  28 April 2006

From the Antitrust Hotch Potch, a quote from a Microsoft antitrust lawyer referencing the fact that the stripped version of Windows (without the Media Player monopolistically integrated and forced upon consumers to their detriment … ) is being ordered by stores slightly less frequently than the “full” version of Windows, i.e. 1,787 copies versus 35 million. Anyway, here is the quote:

“One cannot exclude the possibility that some consumers may have bought Windows XPN to have a souvenir of the only version of Windows designed by DG Competition.”

Funny (for an antitrust lawyer, anyway). I have commented previously about the stripped versions of Windows, and the greater implications of decisions like these for U.S. antitrust policy regarding bundling and price discrimination here.

One response to Antitrust Souvenirs?


    Microsoft lawyers have recently called the fines levied against them excessive. Assuming that Microsoft loses on appeal (which I think is a safe assumption at this point) what would happen if they refuse to pay the fines?

    Does the EU have the political will to bar Microsoft from operatining in Europe? Does Microsoft have the will to play chicken? It appears that the EU is backing them into a corner that they are going to want desperately to get out of.