Antitrust Souvenirs?

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Joshua D. Wright, Antitrust Souvenirs?, Truth on the Market (April 28, 2006),

From the Antitrust Hotch Potch, a quote from a Microsoft antitrust lawyer referencing the fact that the stripped version of Windows (without the Media Player monopolistically integrated and forced upon consumers to their detriment … ) is being ordered by stores slightly less frequently than the “full” version of Windows, i.e. 1,787 copies versus 35 million. Anyway, here is the quote:

“One cannot exclude the possibility that some consumers may have bought Windows XPN to have a souvenir of the only version of Windows designed by DG Competition.”

Funny (for an antitrust lawyer, anyway). I have commented previously about the stripped versions of Windows, and the greater implications of decisions like these for U.S. antitrust policy regarding bundling and price discrimination here.