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Unfair Methods of Competition Symposium

Last month, FTC Commissioner Josh Wright began a much-needed conversation on the FTC’s UMC authority by issuing a proposed policy statement attempting to provide some meaningful guidance and limits to the FTC’s authority. Meanwhile, last week Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen offered her own take on the issue, echoing many of Josh’s points and further extending the conversation. Considerable commentary—and even congressional ... Unfair Methods of Competition Symposium


Innovation for the 21st Century Symposium

The topic of TOTM’s first blog symposium is Michael Carrier’s forthcoming book: Innovation for the 21st Century: Harnessing the Power of Intellectual Property and Antitrust Law (from Oxford University Press). Here is a description of the book’s contents from Professor Carrier: Innovation for the 21st Century offers ten proposals, from pharmaceuticals to peer-to-peer software, that will help ... Innovation for the 21st Century Symposium


The Law & Economics of Interchange Fees Symposium

For the uninitiated, the interchange fee is the fee charged (usually) by the credit card issuing bank (the cardholder’s bank) to the credit card acquiring bank (the merchant’s bank) to settle a credit card transaction between the cardholder and the merchant.  Interchange fees, as well as various rules set by credit card networks governing credit ... The Law & Economics of Interchange Fees Symposium


Free to Choose Symposium

The rise of behavioral economics, and in turn, behavioral law and economics, has been one of the most significant developments in either field in a remarkably short period of time.  In 2010, Nudge is a household name, “libertarian paternalism” is (a hotly debated) a term of art, and behavioral economics has taken made its way from articles, ... Free to Choose Symposium


Section 2 Symposium

We’re very pleased to be able to kick off Truth on the Market’s symposium on Section 2 and the Section 2 Report.  We’ve put together a lineup that includes current and former agency representatives, economists, practicing lawyers, and academics in the hopes of creating an environment conductive to a productive discussion of not only the ... Section 2 Symposium