Reforming FTC Data Security Enforcement

Alden Abbott —  11 September 2014

Recently I highlighted problems with the FTC’s enforcement actions targeting companies’ data security protection policies, and recommended that the FTC adopt a cost-benefit approach to regulation in this area.  Yesterday the Heritage Foundation released a more detailed paper by me on this topic, replete with recommendations for new FTC guidance and specific reforms aimed at maintaining appropriate FTC oversight while reducing excessive burdens.  Happy reading!

Alden Abbott


Alden Abbott is a a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center, focusing on antitrust issues. He previously served as the Federal Trade Commission’s General Counsel from 2018 to early 2021.

One response to Reforming FTC Data Security Enforcement


    Thanks Alden, for the article. I also read your piece about recommendation for the FTC. It seems like the agency (FTC) is not trying to be proactive in securing consumers data but rather react to security breath as they occur. And that is really sad. wish they can follow some of your recommendations.