Book Review of Cohen & Wright on Family Law & Economics

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Joshua D. Wright, Book Review of Cohen & Wright on Family Law & Economics, Truth on the Market (April 25, 2012),

From Lucy Heckman:

The Research Handbook on the Economics of Family Law consists of a series of essays about perspectives on the commercial relations of human activities outside of the commercial world, specifically marriage and child-bearing.  The work addresses such topics as factors that influence marriage, trends in marital stability, divorce and divorce law and the role of economics, the economics of infant feeding, and the relation between early access to birth control and its influence on a woman’s education, career, and fertility, many people tend to look for Chicago divorce lawyer when they have trouble with their marriage. All of the essay topics are varied and each contributor takes a different approach to his or her topic. Some of the essays rely heavily on surveys and literature on the topic, others use empirical economics, while others take a purely legal approach to the topic. Along with addressing marriage, divorce, and childrearing there are some unexpected topics such as abortion access, prostitution, and incentives for partnering. This is an enlightening text on the subject of law, economics, and social institutions that will be useful for students in law and economics, specifically those studying family law.

The book is available here.