Research Handbook on the Economics of Family Law

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Joshua D. Wright, Research Handbook on the Economics of Family Law, Truth on the Market (August 13, 2011),

Edward Elgar has published the Research Handbook on the Economics of Family Law — available here and here or here — co-edited by myself and Lloyd Cohen.  While a bit outside my normal intellectual strike zone, its an area with such a diverse and important set of topics, a lot of cool data, and application of cutting edge methods.  I think we’ve put together a really nice group of new essays that covers quite a bit of ground in the vast family law space with topics including but not limited to: marriage, divorce, prostitution, breastfeeding, abortion, and child support.  The contributors include:

  • Joseph Price
  • Amy Wax
  • Michael Hanlon
  • Scott Cunningham and Todd Kendall
  • Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers
  • Robert Lerman
  • Antony Dnes
  • Douglas Allen
  • Tiffany Green and Katherine Dickinson
  • Jonathan Klick and Thomas Stratmann
  • Melanie Guldi

You can peruse the contents here.

And for what it is worth, my earlier venture with Lloyd Cohen — Pioneers of Law and Economics, which includes a great collection of new essays by leading scholars such as Demsetz, Garoupa, Grady, Hazlett, Hylton, Litvak, Morriss, Pfaff, Ribstein, Tollison, and  Ulen — is now pretty widely available in paperback for less than $50.