Research Handbook on the Economics of Family Law

Josh Wright —  13 August 2011

Edward Elgar has published the Research Handbook on the Economics of Family Law — available here and here or here — co-edited by myself and Lloyd Cohen.  While a bit outside my normal intellectual strike zone, its an area with such a diverse and important set of topics, a lot of cool data, and application of cutting edge methods.  I think we’ve put together a really nice group of new essays that covers quite a bit of ground in the vast family law space with topics including but not limited to: marriage, divorce, prostitution, breastfeeding, abortion, and child support.  The contributors include:

  • Joseph Price
  • Amy Wax
  • Michael Hanlon
  • Scott Cunningham and Todd Kendall
  • Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers
  • Robert Lerman
  • Antony Dnes
  • Douglas Allen
  • Tiffany Green and Katherine Dickinson
  • Jonathan Klick and Thomas Stratmann
  • Melanie Guldi

You can peruse the contents here.

And for what it is worth, my earlier venture with Lloyd Cohen — Pioneers of Law and Economics, which includes a great collection of new essays by leading scholars such as Demsetz, Garoupa, Grady, Hazlett, Hylton, Litvak, Morriss, Pfaff, Ribstein, Tollison, and  Ulen — is now pretty widely available in paperback for less than $50.