TOTM on the Rise

Josh Wright —  24 July 2011

Its been just over a year since TOTM remodeled and merged with Larry Ribstein’s Ideoblog.  There have been a few other major changes between then and now: some changes in personnel and a  few major blog symposia to start with.  Its always difficult to judge how a blog is “doing.”  At least part of a blog’s success is measured by the audience it reaches.  External feedback is useful;  and along those lines, Paul Caron’s law professor blog rankings are out once again.  This time, Professor Caron’s rankings bring some good news for TOTM.

TOTM readers may or may not know that the blog — being without site counter for some time — was not in these rankings until quite recently.  We come in at #17 overall (as measured by visitors; #18 by page views).   It is also worth noting that we are now the leading business-focused law blog in visitors, and second (but closing) only to the Harvard Corporate Governance Blog in page views.   We’re also, to my knowledge, the leading blog with a significant focus on antitrust issues.  Scanning the data, we are also posting some astronomical growth numbers — 365% and 506% over last year’s figures for page views and visitors, respectively.  OK, OK, if you were paying attention to the beginning of the post, you know this is largely because we didn’t have a site meter for much of last year.  Nonetheless, our readership is expanding and, as top-ranked law professor / blogger Ann Althouse advises her readers: “Check out some of those other blogs, especially ones that are acquiring new readers. They might be kind of good.”   We hope you’ll think so.

Thanks to all of our readers and commenters.  Also on the blog front, we are looking to make an announcement on our next TOTM symposium.  See the menu on the right hand side for links to prior TOTM symposia or the tab at the top for links to our last “free to choose” symposium on behavioral law and economics.

2 responses to TOTM on the Rise


    TOTM is one of six blogs I follow closely. I think you do a great job and really appreciate the thought and effort. I also follow OrganizationsandMarkets (which led me to this and the other blogs), Coordination Problem,, Streetwise Professor, and ThinkMarkets.

    Best of luck and thanks.


    Congratulations!. You deserve it. You make a very good team and Ribstein has been – no doubt about it – a great acquisition. And, in antitrust, you’re simply the best!