House Hearing on the AT&T / T-Mobile Merger

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Joshua D. Wright, House Hearing on the AT&T / T-Mobile Merger, Truth on the Market (May 30, 2011),

As I mentioned previously, I testified at Thursday’s hearing on the AT&T / T-Mobile merger.  My written testimony is available here.  Links to the testimony from other witnesses are available at the link above.  I’ll post transcripts when they become available; same with the video link should one become available (I’m not aware of one — if you are, let me know).

Nothing much to report that is outside the written testimony.  Not surprisingly, most of the Committee’s attention was focused on the left hand side of the witness table.  Certainly, there was plenty of “firm counting” analysis and “what will this do for my constituents?” to go around.  But that one interesting development was that many of the hearing questions — certainly more than I anticipated based upon the Senate hearing — focused on vertical aspects of the merger (e.g. backhaul).