Keynes vs. Hayek, Round II

Thom Lambert —  28 April 2011

Another of Russ Roberts’ and John Papola’s brilliant “Keynes vs. Hayek” rap videos is now online.  (If you missed the first one, it’s here.)

Whereas the first video focused largely on monetary policy, this one looks mainly at fiscal policy.  Both are truly masterful.  I’m amazed that Roberts and Papola were able to incorporate so much of the substance of the debates into such short videos.  I’m also amazed at the resemblance between “John S. Papola, MD” (producer Papola’s father maybe?) and Ben Bernanke.  Uncanny.

Thom Lambert


I am a law professor at the University of Missouri Law School. I teach antitrust law, business organizations, and contracts. My scholarship focuses on regulatory theory, with a particular emphasis on antitrust.

3 responses to Keynes vs. Hayek, Round II


    When is the rap video dropping for the fast food wars:

    Come on, I want to get my fry on…


    Yes, that’s John’s Dad. He shaved his head to play the role!

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