Atlas Shrugged

Paul H. Rubin —  16 April 2011

Just saw Atlas Shrugged.  Very good — better than I thought.  Highly recommended.

Paul H. Rubin


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3 responses to Atlas Shrugged


    The high point is the producer go on strike cause great havoc thought out the world. My point is the book about individualism and this anarchist “Objectivism” notion but a strike is a collective act the many raising up against the powerful few. That one act bring a 1000 pages individualism into tripe….What was Ayn Rand thinking? I think she was giving everyone a wink and a nod that her 1000 pages was a farce…That the individual can not always overcome…


    Rand’s work is shrill, swollen, and the ugliest kind of art as well as incredibly juvenile and trashy philosophy. This must be said anywhere and everywhere Rand is mentioned. For a film maker to make anything tolerable out it is something of an achievement. The world will be a better place when she is finally forgotten.


    “Lust saw”? Freudian?