Talking About Intel

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Joshua D. Wright, Talking About Intel, Truth on the Market (September 27, 2010),

I’ll be discussing Intel on a few occasions the next few weeks.  The first is an ABA teleconference on: The Intel Settlement: A Perspective From the Trenches, this Wednesday from 12-130 ET, along with Kyle Andeer (FTC Counsel), Ken Glazer (KL Gates), and Henry Thumann (O’Melveney & Myers).  The focus will be on implications of the settlement.  It should be fun.

The second is Friday October 22 at the Technology Policy Institute’s program on Antitrust and the Dynamics of Competition in High-Tech Industries, where I am thrilled to share the stage with Bob Crandall, Christopher Yoo, and Bruce Owen. My focus there will be on the economics of the underlying Intel case, as well as presenting some new empirical evidence on the likely effects of the case and the settlement.