IP Colloquium: The First Sale Doctrine

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Joshua D. Wright, IP Colloquium: The First Sale Doctrine, Truth on the Market (April 03, 2010), https://truthonthemarket.com/2010/04/03/ip-colloquium-the-first-sale-doctrine/

For TOTM readers who might not know already, Professor Doug Lichtman (UCLA) has put together a great series of programs over at IP Colloquium. The IP Colloquium is an online audio program focused on patent and copyright issues where Professor Lichtman interviews guests from academia, business, and the judiciary to discuss current topics (archives available here). On top of all that, CLE credit is available in many states. I had the pleasure of being included in the current show focusing on the First Sale Doctrine, along with guests Michael Salinger (Boston University) and Tony Reese (UC Irvine). Most of my discussion with Professor Lichtman focused on antitrust aspects of post-sale vertical restraints which were then compared with intellectual property-based constraints on similar contracts.  Check it out.